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Lux, Veritas, Virtus

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a poetic book of stanzas. Written with a modern and unique flavor, the bar is quickly set high in the lyrical beauty shining throughout each and every stanza. I quite favored ‘A River A Love’ and ‘A Poetic Letter’ as one is filled with regret and compassion for the reader, while the other shows a deep love of the seasons presented by Mother Nature. Profound emotional undertones brush each sentence and it is plain to see that much thought has been put into what is written, while combining old English with new. 1

Lux,  Veritas,  Virtus [Light,  Truth,  Courage] – The author’s poetry noticeably comes from deep within the soul. Each poem packs a sentimental impact, the likes of which I have never before seen, embracing life, love, nature and unforeseen circumstances which had derailed one’s planned future, setting it on a different course than what was initially planned. Another poem which tickled my thinking cap was ‘But Why?’ In the course of reading the poem, it made me take a look at myself and my own life, regarding how I feel, while asking myself why I feel the way I do. Such thought-provoking words which cause the reader to go inside their own mind are only born of true talent. Through the Darkness, With Love: Volume 1 is expressive, mindful and filled with beauty. I recommend it to all lovers of poetry who are not afraid to look inside themselves for answers, while allowing themselves to soak in the ambiance of the quatrain within. 2

For lovers of poetry, Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 will be a generous treat, a beautiful poetry collection featuring a variety of themes, but the most recurrent ones are love, religion, and humanity. The author’s poetry will appeal to a wide audience because of its universality and the simplicity of its style. As I read ‘But Why,’ I couldn’t help recalling the drama of love that many couples go through. But there is a very powerful truth in it, a universal law: Love begets love, and hatred begets more hatred. In a way, the author seems to caution readers that what they give is what they receive. And the poem ends on a startlingly beautiful note: 3

“Perhaps, we are two of a kind
Certainly, our hearts on fire
Conceivably, our love’s blind
Day & night – lives on a wire
But why?”

The lyricism and the wit that come across in this collection are powerful. The writing is elegant, and there is a perceived art in every poem. Most of the poems are short, constructed with short lines and some of the stanzas are comprised of three rhythmic lines. Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is soulful, searching, and haunting. It will delight and entertain readers, and remind them of their shared feelings and sentiments, of the shared heritage of our humanity. 4


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Lux Sit

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a volume of short poems in a variety of styles that tells short stories and is written with an almost lyrical zeal. All of the poems have some deep meaning hidden in them, and a few are in a longer and more free-form style while others are short and punchy, meant to drive ideas home as fast as possible. There is some repetition as well, in such poems as ‘The Beginning’ and ‘Hearts in Motion,’ and there is discussion of the nucleus of life and love and a lot of other interesting imagery that makes them feel like they are connected, despite covering vastly different themes. 5

Lux  Sit [Let  there  be  Light] – I believe my favorite poem of the volume is ‘A Candle A Life’  because it is very positive and uplifting. Many of the poems have a strong repetition hidden directly in the verses that feels like a chorus, where many stanzas begin and end with the title of the poem, and it is emphasized throughout. I enjoyed the breadth of topics covered in the work and thought the author did an amazing job of discussing difficult things without getting preachy or derogatory about anything. All in all, the poems were fun to read and short, without feeling like anything was left out. Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a truly excellent volume of poetry, full of powerful moments and brilliant imagery sure to delight many fans of short poems. 2

Through the Darkness, With Love, Vol. 1 is a gorgeous book of poetry with a theme of love lost and longing. Each poem by author is packed with emotion and is unique in its own way. Many of the poems are long like stories and some are short and to the point. Other poems are based on one topic or a few topics and are original in that way, heading the paragraph with the specific word or phrase that the author tends to focus upon. Inside these pages, the reader will find an array of thoughts and feelings based on a central theme of love lost, but they will also find different poetic structures and even gorgeous old-fashioned language here and there. There is a tender but edgy balance that keeps you reading on through the pages. 3

One of my favorite poems was ‘A Shivering Heart’ which ties all of these themes together. I also enjoyed ‘At the End of the Woods’ for the natural theme, and ‘God and Me’ which was a personal poem about what God gave the author. The author has a great handle on language and imagery, and often chooses words to highlight both the pain and glory of love, such as needles and thorns. This book of poetry was a joy to read, an emotional punch for the reader, for sure. I recommend it to fans of poetry about the ups and downs of love. 4


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Poetic Foundation



“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” – Dr. Seuss.


Author Review – The following is an independent review(s) of the author, Sandeep Narayan Tripathi. It provides important information about the author’s intentions and the scope of the work. It delves into the author’s style (formal or informal) and whether or not it is suitable for the intended audience. A review engagement is conducted to provide limited assurance that the material presented (reviewed) is above par. A review presents a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that no material modifications are necessary whereas an independent in-depth evaluation can lead to quite a revelation. This “does it make sense” analysis is useful when the author seeks much more than a limited assurance, in other words, a higher level of assurance. Not all reviews are synonymous but they do provide a level of comfort to the informed reader(s). Even an in-depth evaluation, by and large, can vary from reviewer to reviewer.

“Sandeep Tripathi is an American poet whose origins draw deeply from the Sanskrit tradition. Since the beginning of counted centuries, Sanskrit and Vedic poetry has been a foundation of expression of both spiritualism and the sciences in Indian literature and music, and is known for its profoundly existence-connected words. This is a new and powerful poetic voice that talks about universal themes like love, faith, human encounters, and a lot more. There is a beauty that comes across in the simplicity of style, the symbolism that comes through the beautiful diction, and the philosophical tone that pierces the darkness. There is depth in most of the poems, and the author allows his humanity to come through each poem very clearly. The descriptive word usage not only captures the intellect, but it also creates a bridge of transfiguration, where readers experience the expressions and see from the poet’s point of view. Not many writers can pull off such a feat. This poet is among those who are skilled enough to deliver such a potent read”

“While most poets inspired in this movement use religious imagery to express their words, Tripathi fuses the traditional, transforming God into a force of Nature, and his certain passion for Western and Modern poets, and produces poems that have their own resonance. In a heartfelt and intriguing work, with each poem Sandeep draws the reader into his dark journey of the soul through love’s perils and joys. His poetry is very powerful, often leaving you with something to think about. The poetic expressions in the beginning of this book flowed elegantly and purposefully. I smiled as I read line by line. The imagery was easy to follow and such a delight. ”

“With some almost verging on American lyrical form, such as A Poetic Letter, a Bob Dylanesque piece that speaks to anyone in romantic conflict, Tripathi uses the skin of his verse to communicate a deeper pool beneath for the reader to discover (a few words suggest a realm past and relationships fractured). Other times, poems venture into a post-Beat form, such as the Basquiat- reminiscent.”

It’s all about love, love and love. And, in order to love “love”, one needs to understand love.   [READ MORE]

“Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow; He who would search for pearls, must dive below.” ― John Dryden, All for Love.






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Amor Vincit Omnia


“Like going into a restaurant, if the appetizer is flavorful you will begin to imagine that everything else on the menu will follow suit and will not disappoint. The beautiful works of art you will experience will romance you in several different languages, from English and French to Italian. Fall in love as you read such poems as ‘Ab Imo Pectore’, Dreaming, ‘All in Bonne Foi’, ‘As I Parted’, ‘Ma Chere’, ‘A Poetic Letter’ and ‘Love, Truth & Honesty’.  5

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a collection of poems that speaks about life and emotions in general. The poet’s observations and views on life and his surroundings have been expressed in a very aesthetic way, giving readers a good perspective on his thinking and his views on life and love. Through his poetry, the poet takes readers to another dimension of life, and encourages them to understand that what lies beneath the surface of what we see and what we think is the real thing. The world of aestheticism he creates with his poetry is encouraging and it transports readers into a world of creativity.  2

Amor  Vincit  Omnia  [Love  Conquers  All]‘A Poetic Letter’ makes me curious about the person named Mrs. Penelope and the story behind it: “Dear Mrs. Penelope, please put on your thinking cap / Between us, there was, is and shall always be a gap / Back then, I stood up for my heart & soul’s content / Today, you have to stand up for your mind’s content.” The personal connection between the author and this Penelope is again reinstated in ‘SandeePenelope’: “Where shall you keep a man with the poetic art / Can you keep all of them in your little heart? / However, from one of them, you can easily part / Therefore, Penelope begins where Sandeep ends”.  3

The poems revolve around everyday happenings and the author glorifies the daily beauty and awesome elements of every day of our lives. Every poem in the collection has its own appeal and will make readers look at their surroundings and life with a new outlook. It will make them more observant of what is happening in their lives. The style of writing is descriptive and I enjoyed the rhyming poems a lot. The poet gives good rhythm and a lyrical quality to the poems.  4

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a collection of exalting poems with the theme of life and love. Some are obviously personal while some are subtle and universal. The prose is descriptive, has a solid, somewhat unconventional flair, and is not confined by its own rhyme.  5


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Veni, Vedi, Vici


“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.” Mary Oliver. This is the Preface that sets the stage for the over seventy poems in Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1. In this book, you are taken into the world of imagination of what love could be, according to the author. We all have our own view of what love is. If you asked a million, a thousand, or even a hundred people what love is, you will receive numerous variations as an answer. You see, love begins in the heart, which translates to the mind. In Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1, you are taken on a journey of deep elements of love which are a part of the poet’s imagination.  6

Veni,  Vidi,  Vici  [I  came,  I  saw,  I  conquered] – In Through The Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1, the author tells a story of hearts in motion and it seems that he has found his soul mate, but alas, he is alone. Was this affair just his imagination? I think not, for only a man who has known love and loss can write with such sensitivity and insight, so poetically.  2

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a collection of poems that are deep, searching, human, and at times poignantly humorous. This is a new and powerful poetic voice that talks about universal themes like love, faith, human encounters, and a lot more. The collection features well-written, rhythmic and well-rhymed poems. The writing is very evocative and whether the author talks about love, God, politics, or whether he talks about the “pain of being human,” there is a beauty that comes across in the simplicity of style, the symbolism that comes through the beautiful diction, and the philosophical tone that pierces the darkness. There is depth in most of the poems, and the author allows his humanity to come through each poem very clearly. Some of my favorite ones are ‘A Solitary Lover,’ ‘The State I Am In,’ ‘An Abysmal Love,’ and ‘Could this Be True Stranger’.  3

But these are not the only subjects that the author turns his acerbic eye to: success, wealth, politics, and the market place also produce some powerful verses, with his poems ‘The Art Of Hypocrisy’ along with ‘A Communism A Democracy’ being prime examples.  4


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