Poetic Love Story

Through the Darkness, With Love (Volume 1) – 3rd Edition,  is a volume of short poems in a variety of styles that tells short stories and is written with an almost lyrical zeal. All of the poems have some deep meaning hidden in them, and a few are in a longer and more free-form style while others are short and punchy, meant to drive ideas home as fast as possible. 1

The book provides a wide variety of poesy that spans the width and breadth of human emotions and life. The poems vary in style and definition, from rhythm and rhyme to prose poetry, and a form I had not seen before whereby the first letter of each stanza spelled a name or message associated with the poem.”  2

Some lines are very philosophical and highly quotable. For instance, in ‘A Farewell A Welcome,’ the poet says, “Moment by moment in life’s winter life froze / Echoing a history of blues, a milestone rose,” capturing an existential truth that everyone has to face: life is never easy before a breakthrough. His poetry is very powerful, often leaving you with something to think about. Several of the poems stuck with me, even after reading, for various reasons. If you have ever fallen in love and experienced heartache, you will undoubtedly relate to the poems in this book. Love, truth and honesty are what you will experience with this work of art. 3

It is a beautifully written composition of love poems about one man’s experience that spans courtship’s over his lifetime. In a heartfelt and intriguing work, with each poem, the poet draws the reader into his dark journey of the soul through love’s perils and joys. The author tells a story of hearts in motion and it seems that he has found his soul mate, but alas, he is alone. Was this affair just his imagination? I think not, for only a man who has known love and loss can write with such sensitivity and insight, so poetically. 4

Through the Darkness, With Love (Volume 1) 3rd Edition is perhaps best defined by its cover. The author is a master at evoking these emotional images with his sensitivity for wordsmithing, understanding of the human psyche, and above all, an agile imagination. Using a variety of literary devices, the poet has produced a volume of intricate and sometimes complex poetry. Through The Darkness, With Love demonstrates his skill with words as he opens his heart, allowing his feelings to cascade onto the page in a stream of poignant verse. 5

Adorable heart’s reply to why

A deep true love can beautify
A pure dedication can gratify
Poetic love shall make us cry
Sincere words are cut and dry
Loving verse echo a deep sigh
Through the Darkness – we fly
In love With Love, we magnify

Adorable heart’s reply to why

© 07/27/17 Sandeep Tripathi