Lux, Veritas, Virtus

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a poetic book of stanzas. Written with a modern and unique flavor, the bar is quickly set high in the lyrical beauty shining throughout each and every stanza. I quite favored ‘A River A Love’ and ‘A Poetic Letter’ as one is filled with regret and compassion for the reader, while the other shows a deep love of the seasons presented by Mother Nature. Profound emotional undertones brush each sentence and it is plain to see that much thought has been put into what is written, while combining old English with new. 1

Lux,  Veritas,  Virtus [Light,  Truth,  Courage] – The author’s poetry noticeably comes from deep within the soul. Each poem packs a sentimental impact, the likes of which I have never before seen, embracing life, love, nature and unforeseen circumstances which had derailed one’s planned future, setting it on a different course than what was initially planned. Another poem which tickled my thinking cap was ‘But Why?’ In the course of reading the poem, it made me take a look at myself and my own life, regarding how I feel, while asking myself why I feel the way I do. Such thought-provoking words which cause the reader to go inside their own mind are only born of true talent. Through the Darkness, With Love: Volume 1 is expressive, mindful and filled with beauty. I recommend it to all lovers of poetry who are not afraid to look inside themselves for answers, while allowing themselves to soak in the ambiance of the quatrain within. 2

For lovers of poetry, Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 will be a generous treat, a beautiful poetry collection featuring a variety of themes, but the most recurrent ones are love, religion, and humanity. The author’s poetry will appeal to a wide audience because of its universality and the simplicity of its style. As I read ‘But Why,’ I couldn’t help recalling the drama of love that many couples go through. But there is a very powerful truth in it, a universal law: Love begets love, and hatred begets more hatred. In a way, the author seems to caution readers that what they give is what they receive. And the poem ends on a startlingly beautiful note: 3

“Perhaps, we are two of a kind
Certainly, our hearts on fire
Conceivably, our love’s blind
Day & night – lives on a wire
But why?”

The lyricism and the wit that come across in this collection are powerful. The writing is elegant, and there is a perceived art in every poem. Most of the poems are short, constructed with short lines and some of the stanzas are comprised of three rhythmic lines. Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is soulful, searching, and haunting. It will delight and entertain readers, and remind them of their shared feelings and sentiments, of the shared heritage of our humanity. 4