Lux Sit

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a volume of short poems in a variety of styles that tells short stories and is written with an almost lyrical zeal. All of the poems have some deep meaning hidden in them, and a few are in a longer and more free-form style while others are short and punchy, meant to drive ideas home as fast as possible. There is some repetition as well, in such poems as ‘The Beginning’ and ‘Hearts in Motion,’ and there is discussion of the nucleus of life and love and a lot of other interesting imagery that makes them feel like they are connected, despite covering vastly different themes. 1

Lux  Sit [Let  there  be  Light] – I believe my favorite poem of the volume is ‘A Candle A Life’  because it is very positive and uplifting. Many of the poems have a strong repetition hidden directly in the verses that feels like a chorus, where many stanzas begin and end with the title of the poem, and it is emphasized throughout. I enjoyed the breadth of topics covered in the work and thought the author did an amazing job of discussing difficult things without getting preachy or derogatory about anything. All in all, the poems were fun to read and short, without feeling like anything was left out. Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a truly excellent volume of poetry, full of powerful moments and brilliant imagery sure to delight many fans of short poems. 2

Through the Darkness, With Love, Vol. 1 is a gorgeous book of poetry with a theme of love lost and longing. Each poem by author is packed with emotion and is unique in its own way. Many of the poems are long like stories and some are short and to the point. Other poems are based on one topic or a few topics and are original in that way, heading the paragraph with the specific word or phrase that the author tends to focus upon. Inside these pages, the reader will find an array of thoughts and feelings based on a central theme of love lost, but they will also find different poetic structures and even gorgeous old-fashioned language here and there. There is a tender but edgy balance that keeps you reading on through the pages. 3

One of my favorite poems was ‘A Shivering Heart’ which ties all of these themes together. I also enjoyed ‘At the End of the Woods’ for the natural theme, and ‘God and Me’ which was a personal poem about what God gave the author. The author has a great handle on language and imagery, and often chooses words to highlight both the pain and glory of love, such as needles and thorns. This book of poetry was a joy to read, an emotional punch for the reader, for sure. I recommend it to fans of poetry about the ups and downs of love. 4