Lux ex Tenebris

Writing a review for a poetry collection is similar to writing a review for a short story anthology — difficult because there are always stories/poems a reader will like/love and those s/he dislikes or even hates. With relief and delight, I can report up front that there is not a single poem in this book that I disliked or hated. Through The Darkness, With Love – Volume 1 provides a wide variety of poesy that spans the width and breadth of human emotions and life. 1

Lux  ex  Tenebris [Light  from  Darkness] – The poems vary in style and definition, from rhythm and rhyme to prose poetry, and a form I had not seen before whereby the first letter of each stanza spelled a name or message associated with the poem. One of my favorite examples of this is ‘Stormy Evening’ in which the first letters spell out — hate is more lasting than dislike, and include a Latin phrase within the poem, Non Omnis Moriar, which translates to a partial quote from Horace, “not all of me will die.” I have several other favorites, but truly each page brings a new poem that awakens a new emotional response, so much so as to create a sense of floating on life’s ocean. 2

The author is a master at evoking these emotional images with his sensitivity for wordsmithing, understanding of the human psyche, and above all, an agile imagination. I can easily recommend Through The Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 for all lovers of poetry, life and the pursuit of love. 3

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 has been written over many years and indeed contains a mix of poetry from poems on youthful love and infatuation, heartache, betrayal, sadness, to a mature acceptance of life and everything that it brings with it. The emphasis on most of the poetry in this book is on romantic love and heartbreak, with life lessons thrown in between with powerful titles such as ‘Headless and Heartless’, ‘Stormy Evening’, and ‘The Sleeping Stranger’. This is a fairly short collection of poems and can be read in any order. 4

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 contains a good set of poems revolving around a central theme of lost love and heartache. The writing comes across as simple and genuine with no artificial frills. It seems to come from the heart. Although the main theme of the poems is love, there is also an underlying element of life and the philosophy that everything that happens in life is simply meant to happen, and that is just how it is. One can also sense sometimes that the poems were written at different time periods because the subject matter varies from the love of the very young to the mature. Overall, Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a good read for people who are poetry fans. 5