My Quotes as seen on – Sandeep N. Tripathi

“In life, growth is imminent. And, growth without change, is unthinkable. And, to make the unthinkable thinkable, new roads need to be carved out by way of old ones. The old stands tall and firm and befriends the new to fall into place, with refined maturity and greater understanding and cultured admiration. It’s simply pure Magic.” — Sandeep N. Tripathi

“From sunrise to sunset to sunrise, there is a lifetime of beauty, charm and elegance.” — Sandeep N. Tripathi

“Moment by moment, in life’s winter life froze
Echoing a history of blues, a milestone rose.” —
Sandeep N. Tripathi

“Within the realms of what goes around, resides the magnitude and severity of what comes around.” — Sandeep N. Tripathi

“Remember, thy own shadow isn’t far from thyself; in reality, it always follows thee, even in complete darkness (and in silence).” — </span<Sandeep N. Tripathi

“From sunrise to sunset to sunrise, there is a lifetime of joy, sorrow and happiness.” — Sandeep N. Tripathi

“From within the abysmal depths of a heart, the soul echoes A Lover’s Tale of an Eternal Love (Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1).” — Sandeep N. Tripathi

“A Kite in the Wind – with Love, Truth and Honesty – weathered A Wilderness of Voices, Through the Darkness, With Love.” — Sandeep N. Tripathi

“There are few people who are mature enough to uphold moral and ethical values; who have a remarkable character; who are honest and sincere; who cultivate and harbor loyalty, devotion and dedication by rendering a striking admiration.” — Sandeep N. Tripathi