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Reviewed By: Edith Wairimu

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

Some are simple, others humorous, while for some you have to read between the lines. The poems contained in Through the Darkness, With Love by Sandeep Narayan Tripathi sum up life while reflecting on so many aspects of it. From love to nature or just human relations, these poems are refreshingly interesting and cut across various subjects. Sandeep Narayan Tripathi borrows from his heritage, which gives the poems a beautiful, rich twist. Through the Darkness, With Love also contains delightful images that bring out the meaning of the poems and lure the reader into imagination. The author uses expressive language, which makes each poem unique. Tripathi writes in an honest manner and this adds to the attraction of each poem for the reader. Ultimately, the collection will leave every reader fascinated and, more importantly, reflecting on their view of love and life.

The appeal of each poem in Through the Darkness, With Love by Sandeep Narayan Tripathi lies mostly with the rhythm that the author skillfully brings out in every line. The simplicity of some poems and the depth in others create a subtle blend that helps the reader experience each of the poems with a special newness. Every poem stands out from that which precedes it. Still, Sandeep Narayan Tripathi is able to incorporate different themes across the book. This kept me curious as I kept guessing what he would write about next. The incorporation of the special aspects of nature gave the collection a feeling of enchantment, while the humor kept me entertained. Definitely a book worth reading!