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Edith Wairimu – A Review









Reviewed By: Edith Wairimu

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

Some are simple, others humorous, while for some you have to read between the lines. The poems contained in Through the Darkness, With Love by Sandeep Narayan Tripathi sum up life while reflecting on so many aspects of it. From love to nature or just human relations, these poems are refreshingly interesting and cut across various subjects. Sandeep Narayan Tripathi borrows from his heritage, which gives the poems a beautiful, rich twist. Through the Darkness, With Love also contains delightful images that bring out the meaning of the poems and lure the reader into imagination. The author uses expressive language, which makes each poem unique. Tripathi writes in an honest manner and this adds to the attraction of each poem for the reader. Ultimately, the collection will leave every reader fascinated and, more importantly, reflecting on their view of love and life.

The appeal of each poem in Through the Darkness, With Love by Sandeep Narayan Tripathi lies mostly with the rhythm that the author skillfully brings out in every line. The simplicity of some poems and the depth in others create a subtle blend that helps the reader experience each of the poems with a special newness. Every poem stands out from that which precedes it. Still, Sandeep Narayan Tripathi is able to incorporate different themes across the book. This kept me curious as I kept guessing what he would write about next. The incorporation of the special aspects of nature gave the collection a feeling of enchantment, while the humor kept me entertained. Definitely a book worth reading!



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Ray Simmons – A Review









Reviewed By: Ray Simmons

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

I usually look for a good story when I read a book. I have my preferences as far as genre, the period when it occurs, etc. But on a deeper level, I think I have a strong need to be moved by words, so sometimes I search for and read poetry. Through The Darkness, With Love: A Poetic Love Story by Sandeep Narayan Tripathi moved me. To be honest, this is the best book of poetry I have read in a long time. Look at this quote by Mary Oliver from the beginning of the preface: “Someone once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” These words moved me, and I kept reading, looking for similarly powerful words and images. My imagination took off with the thought of what exactly is in a box full of darkness and how one might move through that darkness with love.

Through The Darkness, With Love is a masterpiece. The words combine with the beautiful pictures and classical looking images to create a powerful and moving impact. The yearning for love to be eternal, and the need to immortalize love with words seem to be the heart of what Sandeep Narayan Tripathi wants his legacy as a poet to be. I think he succeeds. The words go straight to the heart and the pictures complement them. It works for me, especially in Simply Ask Myself, Nota Bene, and the haunting An Abysmal Love. If you are only going to buy one book of poetry this year, buy this one. Through The Darkness, With Love is the real thing.


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Ruffina Oserio – A Review









Reviewed By: Ruffina Oserio

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

Through the Darkness, With Love: A Poetic Love Story by Sandeep Narayan Tripathi is a collection of poems that cover a wide range of themes — love, nature, intimacy, and many others. The style is deceptively simple, but beneath its simplicity is a current of emotions, an instance of reality captured in a unique language, with images that are compelling. Some of the poems offer a musical cadence that will irresistibly lure readers. Some are very intimate, showcasing the author’s experience of life and navigating the different seasons of the author’s soul. One of the things that caught my attention in this collection is the author’s gift of perception and the spiritual feel the poems communicate.

In Through the Darkness, With Love: A Poetic Love Story, readers who enjoy nature will discover a kinship with Sandeep Narayan Tripathi. The author’s diction is simple and I also loved how the author experiments with words, seeking a rhythm that is unique and that achieves the poetic effect intended for the audience. One of my favorites is a stanza that closes a poem, which reads like a conversation:

“Perhaps, we are two of a kind
Certainly, our hearts are on fire
Conceivably, our love’s blind
Day and night, lives on a wire
But why?”

This is a great collection, and even if all the poems do not feature the same level of depth and confidence in writing, there are those that will undoubtedly resonate with readers, thanks to the author’s sense of human emotion. The images that accompany some of the poems are very telling. Overall, this is an intimate kind of poetry, loaded with imagery and insightful lines.


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Gisela Dixon – A Review









Reviewed By: Gisela Dixon

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

Through the Darkness, With Love: A Poetic Love Story by Sandeep Narayan Tripathi is a poetry collection that expresses thoughts on life in all of its facets. In Through the Darkness, With Love, Sandeep provides a background and foreword to this collection by talking about his inspiration for this book, which is life itself with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, pleasures and sufferings, and that experiencing all of this is the essence of life and growth. The poems are written revolving around these themes and are accompanied by pictures that complement the themes. Although the poems cover a range of emotions and feelings, the general feeling is definitely one that is upbeat and positive rather than negative, and encourages the reader to delve deep under the surface to find joy, meaning, and inspiration in life.

I liked Through the Darkness, With Love: A Poetic Love Story and thought that the poems were pleasant to read and some of them were inspiring. I felt that they probably expressed Sandeep’s own outlook on life at times, and there is sometimes a spiritual quality to them. A few of the ones I liked more than others were Utopia, Fed Up, A Farewell A Welcome, and A Solitary Lover. The poems are composed well and range from a few paragraphs to a few pages in some cases. Sandeep’s writing evokes feelings of peace and serenity at times, and musings and reflections on the nature of life at other times. Overall, this is a good collection of poems for fans of the poetry genre.


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Lesley Jones – A Review









Reviewed By: Lesley Jones

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

Through the Darkness, With Love by Sandeep Narayan Tripathi will take you on an insightful journey of love, emotion, and life. The rhythmical and descriptive manner of his writing will make you think deeply about the world about you, and give you an amazing new perspective and outlook on everyday emotions. The author encourages you to look closely at the world today and not take everything at face value. This book will take you on a journey of true enlightenment and give you a broader vision of what is really happening in today’s society. This collection of haunting poetry will make you think in a different way, but it will also inspire you to dig deeper, and ask questions of civilization, and yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the poetry throughout this book. Each poem was beautifully created and gave you food for thought on what love really is, how we are manipulated to act in a certain way and take the media at face value. I had many particular favourites that resonated with me including The Art Of Selling; how materialism destroys true emotional feeling within humankind. The Power and The Art of Hypocrisy capture perfectly the corruption in politics and people in power, and how they influence human behaviour. I loved the rhyming poems and the author has a true skill in descriptive writing. A very talented poet who knows how to entangle emotion, rhyme and common sense into a beautifully created piece of writing. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys reading something different.



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