Amor Vincit Omnia


“Like going into a restaurant, if the appetizer is flavorful you will begin to imagine that everything else on the menu will follow suit and will not disappoint. The beautiful works of art you will experience will romance you in several different languages, from English and French to Italian. Fall in love as you read such poems as ‘Ab Imo Pectore’, Dreaming, ‘All in Bonne Foi’, ‘As I Parted’, ‘Ma Chere’, ‘A Poetic Letter’ and ‘Love, Truth & Honesty’.  1

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a collection of poems that speaks about life and emotions in general. The poet’s observations and views on life and his surroundings have been expressed in a very aesthetic way, giving readers a good perspective on his thinking and his views on life and love. Through his poetry, the poet takes readers to another dimension of life, and encourages them to understand that what lies beneath the surface of what we see and what we think is the real thing. The world of aestheticism he creates with his poetry is encouraging and it transports readers into a world of creativity.  2

Amor  Vincit  Omnia  [Love  Conquers  All]‘A Poetic Letter’ makes me curious about the person named Mrs. Penelope and the story behind it: “Dear Mrs. Penelope, please put on your thinking cap / Between us, there was, is and shall always be a gap / Back then, I stood up for my heart & soul’s content / Today, you have to stand up for your mind’s content.” The personal connection between the author and this Penelope is again reinstated in ‘SandeePenelope’: “Where shall you keep a man with the poetic art / Can you keep all of them in your little heart? / However, from one of them, you can easily part / Therefore, Penelope begins where Sandeep ends”.  3

The poems revolve around everyday happenings and the author glorifies the daily beauty and awesome elements of every day of our lives. Every poem in the collection has its own appeal and will make readers look at their surroundings and life with a new outlook. It will make them more observant of what is happening in their lives. The style of writing is descriptive and I enjoyed the rhyming poems a lot. The poet gives good rhythm and a lyrical quality to the poems.  4

Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a collection of exalting poems with the theme of life and love. Some are obviously personal while some are subtle and universal. The prose is descriptive, has a solid, somewhat unconventional flair, and is not confined by its own rhyme.  5