Amor est Vitae Essentia


Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1 is a collection of over seventy poems. The author proclaims that  they were inspired by a figment of his imagination, namely, Inspirational Love. He believes that in order to understand life, one must read, sing, dance, love, and welcome nature’s beauty. In the poem ‘A Candle, A Life’, the author compares the candle’s similarities as it exemplifies life. He expresses appreciation for each wondrous day given in ‘A Farewell, A Welcome’. People are different but all are loved in ‘God & Me’. One of my favorites is ‘A Woman’ because it describes her so beautifully. The evocative words in ‘All in Bonne Foi’ will explain why love is an art saturated in desires. ‘The Smile’ is the best remedy to take your blues away.  1

Amor  est  Vitae  Essentia  [Love  is  the  Essence  of  Life] – The poems revolve around everyday happenings and the author glorifies the daily beauty and awesome elements of every day of our lives. Every poem in the collection has its own appeal and will make readers look at their surroundings and life with a new outlook. It will make them more observant of what is happening in their lives. The author’s style of writing is descriptive and I enjoyed the rhyming poems a lot. The author gives good rhythm and a lyrical quality to the poems. The last poem in the book – ‘About Life’ – is perfect and, as the author mentions, life goes on and he motivates and encourages readers to walk the journey of life with self-respect.  2

From the melancholy farewell to an old flame in ‘A Poetic Letter’, to an ode to God, the Creator in ‘God & Me’, to the heart of a romantic in ‘In Simple Words’, to the revelations of the soul in ‘There’s Something Between Us’ – which would make a wonderful ballad – each lays bare the poet’s soul like the unfurling petals of a tiny rose bud as it soaks in the early morning dew. However, not all of the author’s poems speak of the lofty ideals of love and romance. In ‘The Power’, he pays tribute to what makes the world go round – the power of politics, the power of money, and the power of love.  3

The words in the author’s selection of poems places a strong emphasis on love and life in general, taking an intellectual approach. He states that in reality we are responsible for our actions, and are our own ‘Judge, Jury & Executioner’. Some of the poems have good rhyming flow, while others are free verse. Not all are written in traditional poetry forms, but include a few deep-thinking essays as well. Two of these essays are ‘The Woman in My Life’ and ‘The Man’. Persons who are fond of philosophical poetry will like the uplifting musings of Through the Darkness, With Love – Vol. 1.  4